The purpose of the realtime pages is to allow the administrator to see a real-time view of what is happening on the PBX, with different pages focusing on specific aspects of current events.

Current Calls

The page will display all calls visible to the current user. 

The “Stop Updating” button will stop the page from updating the current data, and “Originate Call” allows the administrator to select an extension and initiate a call from that extension to the desired number. This will ring the target extension and then start the dialling process. 

If a manager wants to assess the call further, selecting the desired extension will bring up a tooltip showing the full details of that call, including a call back option, buttons for Whisper, Spy and Barge and a link to the Call Detail Records for that extension.The call back button allows for a call back to be created between colleagues.  

  • Barge allows the administrator to be fully included in the call, with both of the original parties being able to hear them. 

  • Whisper allows an administrator to listen to the conversation and speak to the person on the local extension, whilst the other party cannot hear the administrator. Managers often use this for coaching. 

  • Spy enables the administrator to listen in on the call, with neither the original parties being aware nor hearing them.


Whisper, Spy and Barge is a feature that is enabled/disabled on the target extension. If this feature has been disabled, these buttons will not be available.

When the user selects the Extension Call Detail Records a new page will open. This page displays calls made to and from the specified extension. You can filter the search result using the option provided.

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