The Realtime Agents page shows the current status of agents; this page is possibly the primary tool for Call Centre Managers/Team leaders to keep informed as to agents’ behaviour patterns. It is possible to filter by group, and even status, for convenience.

Agents are displayed in their nominated groups, with the following details:

  • Calls: The number of calls that the agent has received.

  • Call Time: This will show the duration of the call if the agent is in use. 

  • Status: Displays the current state of the agent.

  • Details: Works in conjunction with the Status field, giving detail of the current state. 

  • Duration: Also linked to Status, giving the duration of the current state.

  • Login Time: This will display what time the agent logged into the Agent Workspace initially today.


Pause status is a special state, with the colour of its icon depicting a variance. Blue pause icons indicate a productive pause, whilst a red icon indicates non-productive pauses. The colour of the duration timer is also relevant, as when an agent has gone over the threshold set, the duration timer will turn red.

Campaign Hold

Occasionally it may be necessary to have an agent be available to take or make manual calls whilst in a campaign; rather than removing the agent from the campaign and re-adding them, a special state of “Campaign Hold” was created. By selecting Status on the particular agent, a tooltip with an option to initiate a Campaign Hold is available, as well as the ability to Force Log Off.

When an agent is in this Campaign Hold state, the agent icon changes to a warning indicator, and they will not receive calls from a campaign, thus free to make or take a manual call.

When the administrator wishes to remove the Campaign Hold state, a similar process is followed.

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