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API call which give me real-time data for incoming calls.

Hi Guys, 

I have a partner working with a dev team and they are trying to do something similar to what Yumbi do for Famous Brands. 

They need to find an API call which give me real-time data for incoming calls. 

Please can you help with that and also the documenation around it. 

Jon B gave me   GetCallActivity, but that seems related to only outbound calls, not inbound. 

Please can you advise. 


Hey Aidan!

The GetCallActivity API call should be sufficient and does not only provide outbound call related data.

The api call organizes the calls in 1 of 4 categories: QueueCall, InboundCall, OutboundCall, ExtensionCall.

Another nice feature the response offers is whether the call is connected(AKA bridged) with any endpoint user. This means the details of an incoming call can be seen without it yet being connected to any agent.

If the call is connected the details of the destination is also provided.

The documentation of this api call may be found at, under Calls > GetCallActivity

If this api call still doesnt meet your needs please let me know.


Thanks, I have sent this to the partner. 

Hi Pieter, 

Here are the questions from the client, 

Thanks for your suggestion regarding the getcallactivity API.

It does return caller information for incoming calls. Just a few things I would like clarity on please:

1) What is the meaning of thes 4 call types & which of these categories can contain incoming calls:

QueueCall, InboundCall, OutboundCall, ExtensionCall

2) The call data does not seem to include dates of the calls. Therefore I would like clarity on the following: for which dates does the call return call data?

Your assistance with the above would be appreciated.


Hi Aidan!


The types of calls can be defined as follows:

QueueCall = An incoming call that entered a queue.

InboundCall = An incoming call that has not yet connected to a queue or agent.

OutboundCall = An extension making an outbound call

ExtensionCall = A call from an extension to another extension


Ah yes I see there isnt a date field, however there are Duration fields, which is the duration based on the local time.

This is a real time method so all calls returned are current.


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