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Provisioning (VC Related)

Hi there,

I've recently purchased 5 SIP-T58A Video phones which i am trying to configure for Video Conferencing. Sadly your platform does not support video which has got me looking at other options relating to the 3rd party apps which can be installed onto the phones. I have purchased a Skype Business license for each phone and that is about as far as i can go at this point. I would also like to create provisioning templates on the TMS but i see the above mentioned model does not appear on the drop down.

Could the DEV team get involved in either updating the templates or pointing me in the right direction. Has anyone gone down a similar road? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Richard, I will try and update the template and give it to you on this forum, I will have a look at the T58A's provisioning documentation, I think that most Yealkinks stick to the same perameters but I need to be sure. Once the prov doc is up here, you can paste it into the provisioning phone template on the tms, the only issue is, yeahlink phones by default only accept trusted certificated, this is trused by yealink. So you will need to navigate to the security tab on the phones and set this option to disabled:


Once this is done and you have pasted the provisioning URL in on the phone, the phones should provision once rebooted.

The main point of this provisioning service was to work out the box, how ever to achieve that you need to have two things in place, 1 you need to have an DHCP option 66 which points to '', this means on the boot of the phone it will add that provisioning server to the phone. How ever this will fail when you try and download the settings because of that trusted certificate issue. So that means the second thing you need in place is a VPN to our network, this might be an issue but if you have a ViBE router you could use that. 

All in all it depends how you want to use this service, if you let me know I can try help you taylor it a little better your needs. I will send the template asap.

Hi Richard, 

Iv put a test template up, I cant find much on the new generation phone's provisioning so this is going to have to be trial and error.  There are some options in with in the template which is located int eh tms under extension manager and then phones. Would you like to keep the phones on DHCP or use static IP's? If so there are some options which need to me chnaged on the template, I have added a note for you under gateway please see that you edit it and save afterwards.

If you have any issues or would like more clarity please let me know.

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