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Search for multiple numbers

Is it possible to search for multiple numbers at once, using the filter variable in the GetCallDetailRecords function of the API ?

So how would I search for i.e number 0831234567 and 0821234567 for instance, with one API call.

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Apologies for the delayed response,

Currently, we are not able to search for multiple numbers if they do not have similar number sequences.

However, if you are looking for numbers that do contain similar number sequences (as per your example),  you could filter on these numbers. 
For example, if you are looking for either 083 1234567 and 082 1234567, you could filter on 1234567* and you would get the results for all the numbers that contain the sequence 1234567.

Should you need to search for completely different numbers like 082 4567895 and 083 5882235, then we would need to add an API call that would filter by a (,) comma.

Let us know if this is the case, as this would need to be added to our development work log and may take some time to complete.

Hope this helps, let us know should you require the filter by comma solution.

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