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Integrate Euphoria with Hubspot CRM to write records to Campaign dialler in real time

Good day.

I wanted to find out if its possible to integrate Euphoria and our Hubspot CRM in such a way that as a new contact gets created in our CRM, it writes a record to an ongoing campaign on Euphoria for all new leads that hit our CRM so we can call the clients immediately? 

Our agents will be permanently logged into this dialler and as a lead gets written to that campaign's dialing list there will always be agents available in that campaign.

Would this be possible through the API? 

Hi Tendayi

Yes it is, unfortunately, at the moment we can only supply our API calls.

Any integration to external third-party applications has to be done on the client's side, however, we are currently investigating a better solution to offer our customers. 


Thank you

Hi  Jonathan

Thank you for confirming this. Are the API calls to do this specified in your API document or would we have to request for the relevant API calls to be made available to us?

Would it be possible to assign the new lead that gets written to the new lead campaign to a specific consultant when that lead gets dialled? So perhaps the sticky agent functionality is enabled in the campaign and as we write a lead to the campaign database it also specifies an agent that should be given that call? If not its not a problem, just want to understand what the possibilities are.

Also you mentioned you are investigating a solution to offer your clients related to this? How far are you guys with researching/developing such a solution?



Hi Tendayi

The API calls should be specified in the docs. 

AS for the leads. Yes it is possible. when you upload the csv in the add list you can specify which extension each number should be assigned to.

We have got the integration currently on our road map and are busy with it at the moment,


Hi Jonathan

Ok I see. Thank you for all the feedback so far.

Regarding your comment on the leads, you said if we upload a CSV we can specify which extension each lead/number should be assigned to. We would be using the API to write leads to the campaign, not uploading leads through a CSV file.  So just want to confirm that we can specify which extension each lead/number should be assigned through the API when we write leads to that campaign in real time?

Regarding your comment about the integration being on your roadmap, are you able to give some kind of estimate when this will be complete  and available to your clients? 




The document attached will walk you through the entire API call to assign new leads into the campaign and assign them to an extension.

With regards to the integration timeline, we are hoping to achieve this in the first half of next year,


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