A hunt list is a series of actions that will be executed in a predetermined order. The order that they appear is essential, as they are processed sequentially. 

 The main page shows existing hunt lists with their name, description and the “edit” and “delete”  buttons. To create new hunt lists, select the “add hunt list” button and add a name and description to indicate what the list will be used for.  

When creating a hunt list, the administrator firstly needs to decide what to do should a call go unanswered. This becomes the final step in the hunt list thereafter. 

There is no limit to the number of steps that can be added to a hunt list, and the order can be changed at any time by moving an option up or down. The three options are:

  • Announcement

  • Ring Group

  • Queue

The following settings are available for each option:

  • Announcement

    • Announcement: Chosen from the list of available recordings in the system.

  • Ring Group

    • Extensions to ring as well as other numbers such as cellphone/other external numbers. 

    • Ignore transfers: This will prevent the system from sending the caller to voicemail. This should always be enabled to send the caller to the next step in the hunt list. 

    • Ring time: How long the call rings before the system will move on to the next step in the hunt list. 

  • Queue

    • How long to wait in a queue: the maximum length of time the caller should be kept waiting in a queue before they are moved to the next step. 

    • Play ringtone: Play a ringing tone to the caller instead of hold music.

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