Analytics pages give the administrators insights into various facets of call behaviour, allowing an in-depth understanding of call patterns.

Agent Analytics

For a fuller understanding of the difference between Agents and Participants, please refer to the chapter on the Agent Workspace, the features enabled on an extension will define whether an extension is able to be an agent. 

Agent analytics provide an in-depth view of the performance of each agent or participant. The main page provides a view with filters that can be used by an administrator to display groups, or a particular extension in this summary view.

The overview shows a number of details including the amount queues an agent is engaged in, the total calls answered or missed, and the average call times. Selecting an agent will provide a detailed report on their performance.

An agent’s detailed view will incorporate time and attendance reporting, such as login summary, pause summary by date, and a pause summary by reason. It is possible to select a date, and see a detailed breakdown of each event during that day.

A breakdown of agent call performance per queue is available, and should dispositions be enabled on those queues, a summary of those per queue as well. Every item in blue in this report is selectable for more detail on that specific item, for example for a list of answered calls in a specific queue, it is possible to select the Answered value of that queue, and those details will be displayed in a new tab.

A participant’s detailed view only shows their breakdown of activity, i.e. a list of calls and pauses per queue during today by default.

Should a date range of multiple days be selected, then a summary of calls per queue per day will be displayed.

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