The purpose of the call history tool is to view and analyze the inbound and outbound calls within a company. This analysis can be done via call history or cost analysis for inbound and outbound calls. 

Outbound Call History

Outbound Call History refers to the calls made by a company's extension to people outside of the company. 

The filters on Outbound Call History are very similar to Call Detail Records, and offer the ability to filter on date range, Answered Calls, extension or search on a number (or part thereof). The view will show the duration of each call and its cost. 

When clicking on a Dialled Number, it will display a tooltip showing a list of reports in which that number can be found. An item highlighting in blue, with a search icon is an indication of a tooltip being available. Selecting one of the reports in the list will open it. 

Outbound Cost Analysis

The purpose of Outbound Cost Analysis is to provide broad financial summaries of calls, an overview, and then by group and extension. A date range filter is available, and with a range selected, a graph trending the costs by day will display.

Like the Outbound Call History page,

tooltips will provide quick links to reports where the subject is mentioned. The bottom of the Outbound Cost Analysis page gives “Top Ten” reports by cost, and duration, including the extension and the number dialled. These reports are often a good place to search for abuse of the phone system for businesses.

Incoming Call History

Incoming Call History lists the calls made into the company from people outside, it has filters for a date range and a search function. 

The list will show the originating caller ID, status (whether it was answered or not), duration and the number dialled. 

Incoming Call Analysis

The incoming call analysis page’s purpose is to allow a view of inbound statistics, and segmentation of information by source, destination, time or day of the week. This allows for a better understanding of when the business is receiving calls, where they are coming from, and which numbers are being called.

The page is divided into four reports, being “Frequent Callers”, “Days of the Week”, “Hours of the Day”, and “Inbound Destinations”. In the Inbound Destinations, the destination number (DID) dialed will yield a tooltip when selected, giving a menu of reports where that destination is mentioned.

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