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Real-Time Incoming Call data by Agent

Hi there

Thank you for this useful and straightforward API.

I am trying to find an API call which allows data for incoming calls to be received in Real-Time. For example: while the call is in progress, the API should be able to provide the phone number of the caller. 

The GetQueueCalls and GetInboundCallingHistory endpoints do provide the details I am looking for but not in real-time.

Looking forward to your response.


Hi Aidan!

The one in the example is the one they should use.

This is their client ID (Card ID).


Hi Pieter, 

Hope you good. 

This is the next quesstion, Thanks so much

We have been making good progress with the Euphoria API.

I would like to know, is there a way that Euphoria can notify an app of an incoming call through something like a webhook?

The context is that an app is assigned to an agent and the app needs to be notified when the agent connects to an incoming queue call.

Is there a way to achieve this apart from the API requests such as GetCallActivity?

Hey Aidan!

Webhooks can be used, but is currently only support by the Agent Workspace.

Will their agent be using our Agent Workspace, or perhaps be integrating with our Agent Workspace Bundle?


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