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Network Collections - Webhook Debug

Hi guys, 

I'm looking for a log of web hook calls made from Euphoria. 

A bit more information on why: I do not receive the call of one of my webhooks on answering. I've tried the call in a browser and my application responds correctly. The setup of the web hook seems correct - URL as well as the single CRM Tag parameter required. On another web call (on disposition) I do receive the call. To try and debug this information it would be great to see the web hook calls made by Euphoria, if that is available.

The above is from the Case manager (VoyagerNEt) head of dev. Nic has personally been working with him. 

The UID is 50208

Nic has given us specific instructions on the webhooks and their parameters. but the info is not making it to case manager on the other side. 

If there is any chance of getting some info by 9am when we have another meeting with the partner, client and software company it would be really appreciated. 

Thank you so much

Thanks so much Pieter. 

They have an onsite server to run their app. I believe that is the only way it works. Nic has put this together, Im just putting the pieces together, lol

Hi Aidan!

Unfortunately we dont keep a record of that data.

You can however monitor the response in the Network tab of your browser for possible reasons the request would fail.

I also noticed the webhooks are set up with the urls http://localhost:16301.

This will be fine for local testing but will have to change before attempting to use it live.


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