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API Usage of Call Recordings

Good day,

We are an immigration consultancy and we have a large team of consultants who make regular use of the Call Recordings feature on the PBX.

We've got an Internal Portal that our staff uses for training and resources.

Is there any possibility that, by implementing the Euphoria API on our Internal Portal, our staff can search for and get access to Call Recordings pertaining to their clients?

We do not need the portal to store call recordings, but it needs the ability to search and then download if need be.

Is this possible?

Good day,

Yes this is possible please visit for all documentations on the Euphoria API's

Hi Carlos!

As mentioned by Chris, please visit

There are 2 API calls that might be of interest to you.

The first one is called "GetCallRecordings_NoCount" which can be used to search through the call recordings.

You can find the details of this API call in the documentation by navigating to Call Recordings > GetCallRecordings_NoCount.

The second one used to download a call recording is called "DownloadCallRecordingByFilename".

You can find the details of this API call in the documentation by navigating to Call Recordings >DownloadCallRecordingByFilename.

Also please note the URL to be used for the API calls is


Hi Pieter,

How do we identify a call based on the phone number, we see that we have the ability to download or play a call using a "spi call id", but we have no idea what that is, is it the customer's number?

Please advise.

Appreciate the speed and haste in responding to this inquiry.

Hi Carlos!

Apologies for the late response. It seems like we didnt receive notifications of new messages for a period.

The SipCallId is a pbx level id we use internally. You dont need to use that.

As mentioned in the previous post you can still identify a call using the GetCallRecordings_NoCount api call.

You can then take the FileName it returns and download the call recording using the DownloadCallRecordingByFilename api call.

Please let me know if you need anything else


Thank you for the rapid response! I appreciate it. Our developer has been scratching his head about this.

Is there any way we can include you or a rep from the team in an email chain? He has questions regarding the application of this API to our website but we're hitting roadblocks with waiting. Might be easier if he can ask directly.

Let me know!

Morning Carlos, 

Jon here, the Development Manager. I am happy for the Dev team to answer any questions you may have on the Dev forum.

Alternatively, you can email me at, however, we try to keep the technical team focused on project work, so that we can continue to upgrade and create new functionality for the whole business. Allowing them to engage directly with customers would affect our team's productivity, and cause us to miss deadlines. I do hope you understand.

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