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API integration to Power BI

Is it possible to have API integration connect to Power BI? I want to build a dashboard based on call history,waiting call etc using Microsoft power Bi is it possible?

Hi Rolivhuwa,

We currently don't have any official integration with PowerBi, but we do offer API calls to get information such as call history etc. You are more than welcome to see if you can build in the integration with PowerBi and we can assist with the public API calls that we have available.

Thank you.

Hi Divan 

Is it possible that you might have an API for IT Hotline calls history, where I view total calls, unanswered,answered calls/ Inbound Service Level – Answer Times/Abandon Times.

is it possible that you can provide me with those Public APIs I want to see what kind of data can I get.


Yes, you can get all our API calls that's currently public on the following link:

Please look at the API call: Queues>GetRealtimeQueueSummaries

The following API call is currently not on there yet but it can also be used: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



        <Name>Your Tenant Name</Name>








Please have a look and let me know should you still have any issues.

Thank you

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