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Adding data to euphoria via API

I am currently looking at using your API to input contact details of leads from our database into the euphoria system. Could you please let me know if this is possible using the API? Alternatively, is there another way we could achieve this? 

I recently had a look at the API monitoring tab in the TMS portal and I see there is an action Name: AddCampaignList (which is what I am looking to do), however, there isn't documentation on that call, amongst the vast majority there.  Is there more documentation, other than what is provided? 

Hi Ridhaa,

Please see below our documentation on campaign APIs as requested. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Hi Divan

Thank you for replying to me. I really appreciate it. I am however, having some difficulty uploading a file. I am able to create a campaign, and a list within that campaign. This result creates the item in euphoria as expected. However, the CSV I am trying to upload produces an error and does not get uploaded (No CSV files uploaded). On the Euphoria side, the status is uploading, but never changes. 

I have done the following:

  • added the csv file
  • converted it to a base64 text file, and tried - same results persisted
  • removed content disposition text, content-type text, everything other than the path
  • Changed csv Filenames
All the above produced the same error. I have read the documentation and this error isn't listed. Any help would be massively appreciated. I have attached the code snippets and error results. 

(59.4 KB)
(19.4 KB)
(110 KB)

Hi Ridaa,

I've converted your query into a ticket so we can get it resolved for you as soon as possible. 

I will update this forum query once it's resolved

Thank you

Hi Ridaa,

As discussed on the ticket, the reason why you couldn't upload it was because of the base64 xml node. It needs to be one long string which was already converted. The easiest way to get this string, is to convert it online on the below link:

Thank you

Noted, its working now. Thank you for the support. One other question, when uploading, is there a way of encoding a hyperlink in your csv that works on the platform?

Hi Ridhaa,

As discussed on the ticket, we will be able to do this by using a webhook. Essentially what will happen is, is that you will have your link in the column called "CRM Tag". Use a webhook and once this is configured correctly and added to that campaign, your agent will literally just have a button to click that's on the workspace. This button will then just load another tab with what was in that url. 


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