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Caller input of a string of digits via Euphoria IVR

Hi Euphoria Dev


We are currently looking at the various API options available to us to begin integration of Euphoria with our open-source CRM – Request Tracker. In addition, we are looking at methods to automatically validate the identity of healthcare providers and medical aid members calling in to our call centres, so that we can improve and enhance our ability to comply with the requirements of the POPI Act.


To support this, a key requirement is the ability for a caller to be able to enter a string of data as noted below in our initial request for assistance with the spec:


Euphoria Telephone system Caller input data of a BHF Nr or member Nr to validate POPI authenticity against MK data before proceeding to a consultant (Clinical or General Agent).

In the Euphoria TMS the only call flow element that supports key inputs from a caller are the IVR Menus. However, from what I can see in the TMS they don’t support a string of numbers like a member or provider (BHF) number, only single digit inputs.  

Is there a way to capture a string of numbers which can then be passed via API to our systems for validation against a member or provider BHF file? Does Euphoria support this functionality? 

If not, then I am sure that with the requirements of POPI bearing down on your other call centre clients that many would also need functionality that supports the input of customer ID numbers. Alternately, it could pave the way to clients in new sectors for Euphoria.

Please could you provide some feedback around this issue.



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Hi Lloyd!

Apologies for the late response, it seems like we had an issue with our notification system.

We unfortunately do not have a solution for this but will definitely include this idea in our future project considerations.


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