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Need help with API integration please

 I've just peeled the label off the shiny new handset and made my first call to test my pbx.  All good. 

Support says I must ask my question here... 

I now want to setup the API integration to my systems (running on Zapier).

Can somebody please help me on a Teamviewer call? 

Or give me a simple 'how to' guide to do the following:

  • Get the API key
  • Send inbound call data to a Zapier webhook - or help me code a Javascript code step, to send retrieve the call data?
  • I also want to retrieve the call recording URL/ file name after the call has ended. 

Please advise? 
Thank you
Bryan DH

Afternoon Bryan,

Apologies for the wait, We have put together some documentation on our support site that will be able to guide you through what you are looking for, and more. 

The URL's for the questions above are: 

Get the API key: 

Inbound call history and download call recording: 

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need more information,

This is honestly a bit frustrating. I get it that YOU don't do development... That's ok.

I've been told by 4 people to come to this forum and ask my question.  Which I've done - 4 days ago.

Are there seriously NO developers on this forum? 
Is there a recommended marketplace I can look for help? 
Do you have technical partners who can help me? 


Morning Bryan,

Apologies, my intention was not to frustrate you any further, as you stated above we do not usually put our developers in direct contact with our customers, However, I have had a chat to one of my developers Peter John, and asked him to email you during the course of today to assist you with the above request to get you started.

I will personally follow up on this throughout the day,

Just to give you some feedback - I was able to connect to my PBX using the API and retrieve the info I needed. 
Persistence is key... 

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