Update Date: October 2023

Created By: Marizane Brummer

To Add the euphoria cloud phone to Zendesk, the user needs the following: 

  •  Super User Access on the TMS


  • API & Integration menu item on a Manager Account

  • Zendesk Administrative rights.

Add API Login

1. Click on the API & Integration menu item.

2. Click on the API Manager sub-menu item.

3. Click on the Add API Key button. 

4. Give the API Key a name.

5. Click Apply to save the key name.

Note: The TMS will create the API Key that will be saved in the list.

Add Euphoria Cloud Phone On Zendesk

1. Log into Zendesk;  https://www.zendesk.com/login/

2. Hover over the Setting icon in the menu bar, this will open the admin option. 

3. Select Marketplace button.

4.Use the filter option to find the Euphoria Cloud Phone in the integration options.


5. Select Install

6. Once installed choose the euphoria account to link the tenant to the app.


7. To link the tenant, the system will ask for the API Key, copy the key created key in the TMS and paste in Zendesk. 

8. The Euphoria Cloud Phone application is now successfully configured. 


9. Add the extension username and password to log in. (For a full understanding, watch How to use the Euphoria SoftPhone in Zendesk)  

Note: If the user requires further integration with the CRM system contact euphoria support for assistance. 

Wath the Video on  Zendesk Agent with Dialer Extension