Step 1: Log into Zendesk

Step 2: From the dashboard, click on the Phone Icon to open it. 

Step 3: Add the username and password to log in. 

Step 4: Choose Auto Register or Auto Register and WebRTC for the default engine. Calls can now be made or received.  

Step 5: To dial out enter a number and click on the call button or press enter on your keyboard to initiate the call. To answer a call, press the answer button

Step 6:  If the contact has a client profile this can be viewed during the call.

Step 7: When a call is made or received the caller has the following controls. Dial Pad Button, Hold Button, Volume Controller, Conference Button. Transfer Button, Speaker Button. Mute Button and the Hang-up button.  

Hold:              Whilst on hold the user can end the call, continue to speak to the caller or transfer the caller.

Conference:  Press the call tab and dial an additional recipient. Once the recipient answers the conference  

                       button can be used to add all the lines to one call.

Transfer:       Click on the Transfer Button and dial the number to transfer to. An unattended (or blind) transfer

                       or an Attended Transfer can be done

Step 8: Once a call is complete the information will populate in the recent call list, which can be used as a quick dial option to call clients back.

Step 9: Softphone users can also change their phone status. (This will be seen by all internal callers when they call or transfer to your extension.)

Step 10: Personal settings can be adjusted. When settings are changed, press “save” to ensure all preferences are captured.