Step 1: Log into Zendesk

Step 2: From the dashboard, click on the Phone Icon to open it. 

Step 3: Add the username and password to log in. 

Step 4: Choose Auto Register or Auto Register and WebRTC for the default engine. Calls can now be received.  

Note: When a call comes in, the caller’s details will appear in a preparation window giving the agent an opportunity to answer the call professionally. 

Step 5: During a call, the caller can be placed on hold or muted, and notes can be made about the call or caller on the preparation window. 

Step 6: To access the controls on the softphone click outside the preparation window to minimize it. The controls include the Dial Pad Button, Hold Button, Volume Controller, Conference Button. Transfer Button, Speaker Button. Mute Button and the Hang-up button. 

Hold:              Whilst on hold the user can end the call, continue to speak to the caller or transfer the caller.

Conference:  Press the call tab and dial an additional recipient. Once the recipient answers the conference  

                       button can be used to add all the lines to one call.

Transfer:       Click on the Transfer button and dial the number to transfer to. An unattended (or blind) transfer

                       or an Attended Transfer can be done

Step 7: Once the call is ended a disposition window will open. The agent will choose a call outcome category, the outcome and additional notes can be made

Step 8: Submit the Disposition and either continue t the next call, pause or Log off.