The Campaign analytics main page gives an overview of all campaigns, with a high level view of their progress, total contacts, completed contacts, number of calls, disposition results and number of agents on the campaign for the last month by default. This time period can be adjusted within the filter options. Analytics differs from Realtime here as this encompasses statistics for all campaigns, and their member lists and not just those currently active.

Campaign Specific Statistics 

Selecting a campaign from the main analytics page will open the statistics for that specific campaign. The campaigns overview includes the number of calls, contacts, disposition statistics and target related information. 

The overview section of the campaign statistics includes a progress graph which measures the completed value against the total numbers of contacts available, each call in a campaign should have an outcome, and every contact should be able to be completed, i.e. that it cannot be worked further.

To the right there is an outcomes graph which reflects the proportionate outcomes against the calls made, selecting a particular outcome will toggle the inclusion of that particular outcome category. 

Note: A contact may have more than one number that can be dialled, thus a failed number may not mean a failed contact. 

Campaign Agents Analytics

Within the campaign specific statistics is a section focusing on the performance and productivity of agents within that campaign, this data is the same as is visible through agent analytics for the specific campaign. Within this table of agent campaign data, there should be two icons visible on the far right:

The star indicates that the agent made the most successful calls for that campaign in the time period chosen.

The flame indicates that the agent completed most calls for that campaign in the time period chosen.

All of the values in this section can be selected for further information. Selecting the  agent name will bring up the agent analytics for that specific agent, whereas the values of Completed, Calls, Success etc will bring up the calls related to the selected field, with the ability to listen to the call recording, if available, and see the relevant contact details.

Within the contact's details, the administrator can view the basic details, the contact status and the details of each call made to this contact. Call recordings are accessible, if available, as well as any notes. 

Campaign Lists

It is also possible to view Campaign statistics in relation to the lists that have been used. Bearing in mind that agents can be allocated to specific lists, and not to the parent campaign, list statistics may be used to see how certain segmentation of the campaign performed in relation to the whole. The statistics available are the same as the campaign level, with the ability to drill through to a selected list. This page looks almost identical to the parent campaign statistics page with the exception that the data is particular to the selected list and the page does not include a lists table. 

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