Update Date: May 2023

Created By: Marizane Brummer

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), also known as an "Automated Attendant", is a menu system that allows people to interact using dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) tones on the caller's keypad. IVR systems generally respond with a pre-recorded audio file at each step to guide users further. 

IVR systems allow the caller to direct themselves to their required destination using the keys on their phone, for example, "Select ‘1’ for Sales, or ‘2’ for Support”. Each selection/digit within an IVR can be set to a particular destination. 

Admins can create and link IVRs. These linked IVRs can direct callers to a range of different endpoints. To inform a caller what number to press, the administrator needs to select the relevant “Announcement To Play” from the list available.

To create the IVR recordings need to be uploaded and saved in the Voice Recording section of the PBX Manager, the keypad mapping section needs to be configured with these recordings. Each key can be configured to perform an action. Certain non-numeric options are also available:

  • Timeout - is used when a caller does not press any keys. 

  • Invalid - is used when a caller presses an unassigned option. 

When either of these two options occurs, the admin may want to repeat the menu or play an announcement and then repeat the menu, or hang up.

The general parameters on an IVR are:

  • Menu timeout: The amount of time in seconds that the caller has to press a key option. If the caller does not press a key, the “Timeout” menu option will automatically be selected.  

  • Key press timeout: The time the system will wait between key presses, for example, if a sequence of digits is being entered.


  • Extension/feature codes dialling: This enables the user to dial an extension or feature code instead of the options being presented in the IVR. Key press timeout also affects this as extensions are typically three digits long, and the wait time will ensure that the entire extension is taken into account. 

Note: If this menu is used first on an inbound route, the ring time before playing an announcement will be used. This means the system will ring for the same amount of time as it would before playing an announcement.

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