With the Contact Manager tool, a PBX administrator can manage contacts for a company-wide telephone directory which is accessible in the TMS, and on desk phones. 


Within the company tab, a PBX administrator will be able to add new companies, search for a specific company to update details and add branches. A PBX administrator can easily find the company that they are looking for by making use of the search bar provided.

To add a new company, the PBX administrator can do so by clicking on the “Add Company” button at the top right side of the page. Once the basic details have been added and saved, it is possible to add additional details by selecting the edit button. A new page will open where details like the company Vat and registration number can be added. Here, branches can also be added to the company. 


The Contacts page allows a PBX administrator to add all their contacts into the TMS and arrange them within companies, and branches. A PBX administrator has the capability of searching for a specific contact by using the search functionality or company filter. 


All contacts added can be provisioned to a desk phone. Multiple contacts can be linked to one company. This is done by clicking on the edit button of a contact and choosing the correct company and branch on the Career Details block. 

When an administrator select’s on a contact name, a new page will open with the contact’s details as well as a summary of the call detail records. These calls may have the option to be played, flagged and commented on.

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