Step 1: Go to the TMS URL: 

Step 2: Choose the correct account

Step 3: Locate the provisioning URL.

3.1: Log into the Euphoria TMS.

3.2: Click on the Contact Manager menu item.

3.3: Click on the Contacts sub-menu item.

3.4: Click on the “Provisioning Key” button.

Provision Key URL, e.g.

3.5: Copy the Provision Key URL.

Step 4: Paste the copied URL in the Remote Directory field.

4.1: Log into the desk phone(Yealink device)  by inserting the IP address in a web browser.

Note: To log into the device, the user will need the IP address (refer to the devices configuration manual)

4.2:  Click on the ‘Directory’ tab seen below.

4.3: Click on the ‘Remote Phone Book’ menu.

4.4: Paste the Provision Key URL copied from the TMS.

Step 5: View the remote directory on the Yealink device.

             5.1: Select ‘Menu’.

5.2: Select ‘Directory’ from the list of options.

5.3: Select ‘Remote Directory.