1. Go to the TMS URL: https://tms.euphoria.co.za/ 
  2. Choose the correct account
  3. Open the application.
  4. Create an  Excel Spreadsheet with the below format in TEXT format. (Do so by selecting the entire workbook,  right-click on the mouse and scroll to "format cells".)

Contact NameCompany NameContact No. 1Contact No. 2Contact No. 3Contact No. 4Shared

The "Shared" column refers to the contact being shared in the entire organisation. To share the contact, type "Yes". If you would like to keep a contact private, type "No". Make sure to save the Spreadsheet as an "Excel Workbook".

        5. Navigate back to the Softphone 

        6. If you would like to dial out through your physical desk phone:
  1. Click on the "View" tab at the top left corner, and select "Hide phone". 
  2. Click on the "Contacts" tab and then on “Contact Settings”
  3. On the pop-up screen, tick the box to enable the CSV/Excel file Sync. 
  4. Click on the folder icon to browse for the Excel Spreadsheet created.
  5. Click the Test button. If you are satisfied with the results, you can proceed to click OK.
  6. Close the Address Book Settings. Go back to the Contact tab, click on "Sync Contacts Now".