Update Date: August 2023

Created By: Marizane Brummer

1. To do a transfer, a user needs to be on a call. 

2. To do an Un-Attended Transfer

2.1. Push the transfer button, which is the green call button with the blue arrow. 

2.2. Transfer to another extension by selecting To Extension from the dropdown.


Transfer to external numbers by selecting To External Number and entering the number.

3. To do an Attended Transfer

3.1. Push the call button, which will put caller one on hold. 

3.2. Dial the user you wish to consult with the dial pad and then select call. 

3.3. Speak to the user you wish to consult and let them know you wish to transfer a caller to them. 

3.4. After consulting user 2, press transfer on the caller's line.

3.5. Transfer to the user by selecting their extension for the To Extension dropdown.