Update Date: May 2023

Created By: Marizane Brummer

1. Go to the TMS URL:  https://tms.euphoria.co.za/ 

2. Choose the desired account. (A user needs access to the menu Item in order to complete the below steps) 

3. Click on the Analytics menu item.

4. Click on the Agent Analytics sub-menu item.

5. Add the filters needed to find the correct agent. (When a particular day is chosen, a specific time can be added as well.)

6. Click on the user to view their details. Users' information differs depending on if they are High Productivity Users or Participants. 

High Productivity Users(Agent)


Access to Agent Workspace

No access

Login/Logoff Functionality which drives Time and Attendance reporting

No Login/Logoff

Time & Attendance Reporting


Can be part of a queue

Can be part of a queue

Pause functionality is global

Can pause in individual queues

Full pause reporting, including summaries

Only individual pause details are available

Differentiation between productive and unproductive pauses

No differentiation available

Cannot make or receive calls if not logged in or paused

Can still make and receive calls whilst paused


No ability to disposition calls

Disposition and Outcome reporting

No Disposition reporting is available

7. In a user's report, there are multiple clickable options. 

8. Secondary pages will show more details based on the information that was selected.