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Are call recordings POPI compliant?

Euphoria's system architecture, access protocols, storage redundancy and encryption standards are inline with POPI requirements

  1. Recorded calls have an MD5# checksum taken of them at the time of saving the call to disk. This does not encrypt the file but assists in proving the file has not been tampered with at a later time.
  2. The calls are transferred to Amazon S3 storage in Ireland (a POPI compliant location) using 256bit encrypted SSL tunnel.This prevents the recorded calls from being able to be intercepted or accessible in transit.
  3. Amazon S3 provides durable infrastructure to store important data and is designed for durability of 99.999999999% of objects.Your data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities and multiple devices in each facility.
  4. The call recordings are only accessible and playable within an Internet Browser via SSL and Administrator login or via an authenticated API request.
  5. The call recordings are stored for as long as your account is active or the duration a customer specifies.
  6. An optional extra service will be available soon which will give customers the option of encrypting the files at rest. This means that even an Amazon technician who can physcially access the drive within the Amazon data centre will be unable to access the data.

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You might want to fix the wording on #6 to say "UNable" instead of "able".
Plus, has this service been rolled out yet?

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