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VIOP telephone not receiving an IP address

Good day

Can someone please assist me. I have Telkom fibre internet, and I cancelled my landline voice service with them when I purchased a Htek VIOP telephone about 2 years ago. I did the setup and registered an account with Freshphone. All worked perfectly until about a month ago. My VIOP telephone stopped working. I have been in contact with Euphoria support, they say my VIOP telephone is not getting an IP address from my router and I need to contact Telkom. I contacted Telkom, and they claim I need a voice service active on my Fibre line. I have tried to explain that it is not a normal voice landline, but a VIOP service, thus its not needed, but this falls on deaf ears.

Can someone please assist me on how to obtain this IP address, and how to put this address onto my VIOP telephone, which for some strange reason is not picking it up automatically from my router anymore?

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