Your ticket can have  6 different statuses - Open, Pending, Waiting on Customer, Waiting on Third Party, Resolved and Closed. They represent what’s currently happening with your ticket. Based on the status, you will have to pay different levels of attention to the ticket and help out the customer support agents in any way you can so that the issue gets resolved.

  • Open - means that you have submitted your ticket and are awaiting response from the customer support team. This is the default status of a new ticket when it gets generated.

  • Pending - means that the agent is waiting on an internal response from management or the development team. Here you do not have to do anything, however you can send a follow up if you have had no response on a pending issue within 48 hours..
  • Waiting on Customer - means that the agent has asked you for more information and is holding on you before proceeding further. The timers get stopped when the status of the ticket is marked Waiting on Customer and it changes back to Open when you respond. 
  • Waiting on Third Party - this means the agent is waiting on a response from a third party such as Telkom. The timers get stopped when the status of the ticket is marked Waiting on Third Party and changes back to Open when the agent receives a reply and informs of you of the progress. 
  • Resolved - means that your issue has been taken care of by the agent and he is waiting for you to acknowledge it. If you are satisfied, you can choose to close the ticket. If not, you can continue the conversation until you get a more specific answer.
  • Closed - means that you have successfully acknowledged the issue's resolution. Even after it’s closed, you can always respond to the ticket again to reopen it.