Option 1

The first time you open a ticket, you will automatically be created an account with the help desk. You need to check your email for information about the account and click on the link available inside to set your password for the first time. You can activate your account by using the link and logging into your help desk.

Option 2
You could also automatically sign up for an account by submitting a ticket with the online support portal. This can be done in different ways simply by clicking on the Google, Facebook or Twitter logos and approving the use of your account for logging in purposes. You will get an activation email whenever you reach out to the customer support team for the first time. 

Option 3


Create a support account from the portal

  • Open up the support portal (http://support.euphoria.co.za )

  • Click on the  sign up link at the top right corner of the page

  • Enter your Full Name and Email Address

  • Fill in the captcha for verification

  • Click on the Save button

  • Check your inbox for the activation email with instructions.