Submitting a ticket via the portal

A more traditional way of getting support is by filling out a support form. When you do, you provide more accurate information about the problem and make it more easier for the representatives to track down your problem. 

Quick guide to submitting a ticket through the portal: 

Ideally you should sign up before submitting a ticket via the portal,it saves everyone time. You can simply

login with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account by clicking the logo alternatively you cab register with your email address.

You can submit a ticket without being logged in but you will need to fill out all your details

  • Point your browser to your support URL(

  • Click on the ‘New Ticket’ button

  • Fill in the requester name, this is always your email address that we have on file for you
  • Select the Type of ticket, Problem, Question, Order, Request, etc from the drop down menu
  • Describe the details about your problem or requirements
  • Click on the Submit button