The mailbox page presents a list of the company’s mailboxes. The list includes mailboxes for each extension and special mailboxes. 

Extension mailboxes cannot be edited from this page and are covered in the relevant chapter.

Special mailboxes are not linked to any extension and are often used for a communal voicemail - like after-hours support. Special mailboxes can also be used for Hot Desking, which allows users to use an extension as their own by providing credentials. They provide a username (mailbox number) and password (PIN) combination that can be used for authentication.

 Special mailbox features:

  • Mailbox number 

  • Mailbox owner’s name 

  • PIN to listen to mailbox messages 

  • Email address for message notifications (if enabled)

  • Deletion: The admin can set whether a message is deleted after the voicemail is delivered. Mailbox messages are automatically deleted after one month.