A conference room is a location that multiple members can dial into to have a single conversation. Callers can join a conference room by internal users  (by transfer or feature code) or outside the company using a direct line, making it a very flexible submenu itemThe conference room is protected by a PIN number so that only invited parties can join a call. 

The main conference room page shows a list of all existing conference rooms. Permanent conference rooms are fixed rooms which can be used for any meeting at any time.

When a conference room is added, a room number has to be created. A description can be added for each conference room, shown on the main conference page. Admins can set a PIN and a participant limit to avoid the facility being abused. There are 2 PIN options: 

  • PIN: This identifies an entrant as a normal user to be added to a conference. 

  • Administrator PIN: This allows the user to perform certain administration functions within the conference room. 

  • Several conference options can be enabled:

  • Wait until an administrator enters the conference: Will not allow everyday users to enter until a conference administrator is present.

  • Quiet: Does not play prompts on entry and exit.

  • Prompt user for their name on entry.

  • Announce user(s) count on joining a conference: Announce the number of participants when someone enters the conference.