Voice recordings are the media files that are used for various functions, like IVR Menus, inbound routes, or queue announcements.

There are three ways a recording can be created:

  • Upload a message from the browser

  • Download the Voice Menu Recorder application from within TMS and upload a recording. 

  • Dial the feature code *31 on an extension to record a message or click on the “Record Voice Recording” button. 


The computer’s microphone is used to record a voice recording in the browser or the Voice Menu Recorder app. Select the “Record” button to record your voice. If nothing is recorded, check that the microphone is connected and the browser supports this option.

To upload a voice recording, the user can choose a file from their computer by selecting “Browse” and selecting an MP3 or WAV file to upload. The file size limitation is 5MB.

Any voice recording file can be renamed by clicking on the “Edit” button or listened to any recording by selecting “Play” in the list overview. Recordings that are in use by other elements in TMS (queues, IVRs etc.) cannot be deleted.