The Billing & Accounts menu item includes account details, information on the company’s monthly expenditure, and voucher details and history. 

Account Details

These include financial and company details. Different actions are available depending on the customer’s payment type, i.e. whether the account is prepaid or postpaid.

Edit Billing Details

Clicking on the “Edit billing details” button will open a pop-up screen, where details of the account and debit order details can be viewed and updated.  Airtime level alerts can be added or edited. 

Renew Services: Prepaid client

Clicking on the “Renew Services” button will open a pop-up screen where service details can be edited, and a detailed monthly costs history can be viewed. Payment can also be made via credit card or EFT. Once the payment option is chosen, the user will be directed to a new page to make the payment safely and securely.

Buy Airtime: Prepaid Client

For Prepaid customers, clicking on the “Buy Airtime” button will open a pop-up screen where an amount to top up with, as well as a payment method, can be chosen. 

Postpaid Calling Credit Limits

Euphoria Telecom will set a calling credit limit for users on a postpaid account, this is calculated according to the credit policy and may require a deposit.

The calling credit limit is an advanced system that allows users to make outgoing calls up to a specified amount for each billing cycle. 

 Should the calling credit limit be reached or exceeded, outbound calling services will be automatically suspended. Services will be restored when either a payment is made to lower the outstanding balance below the credit limit or the credit limit is increased. Admin users will be notified before the value is reached and once again when the value is reached via email alerts.

Call Cost Calculator

The call cost calculator allows the user to review the cost to call a specified number. The budget tab allows a user to calculate how many minutes would be available to call when dialling a particular number with a certain amount of airtime for an extension utilising the budget feature

Transaction History

The Transaction Summary page includes a summary of all invoices issued to the organisation. It shows transaction totals by card type, transaction type, and reference number (e.g. invoice number) for the period specified in the filter. When the statement button is clicked, a new page is displayed where a date range can be chosen to produce a specific statement; these can then be viewed, downloaded as a PDF, or printed. 

Any outstanding invoice can be paid from here; when the outstanding invoice is chosen, click on the pay button, and a pop-up will appear that shows the exact amount due with the option to pay via credit card. Multiple Invoices can be paid at once as well.   

Voucher History

A voucher is a document that proves that a monetary transaction has occurred between Euphoria and a client. 

A payment voucher takes the place of cash in a transaction, acts as a receipt, or indicates that an invoice has been approved for payment. Top-up vouchers can be entered here, and users can view their voucher history, including values. 


This page contains a record of all unprocessed transactions on an account which can be completed by clicking on the Complete Payment button. Predominantly this page is for use by customers on Prepaid accounts, that they may choose to pay for an order at any time, that it may be completed and activated.

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