The Billing & Accounts tool includes account details, information on the company’s monthly expenditure, and voucher details and history. 

Account Details

These include financial and company details. Here, users can also view a detailed monthly cost summary, edit billing details, renew services and buy airtime. 

Transaction History

The Transaction Summary page includes transaction totals by card type, transaction type, and result code (reference/invoice number) for the period that the user specifies. This statement can also be printed. 

Voucher History

A voucher is a document that proves that a monetary transaction has occurred between Euphoria and a client. 

A payment voucher takes the place of cash in a transaction, acts as a receipt, or indicates that an invoice has been approved for payment. Top-up vouchers can be entered here and users can view their voucher history, including values. 


This page contains a record of all unprocessed transactions on an account. Unprocessed transactions happen when a user wants to confirm details, increase or decrease an amount, or because future payments have been set up. A user can complete payments from here directly without having to do the same transaction again from the beginning.