The Euphoria Telephone Management System (TMS) assists organisations to understand their telephony and helps them to control, track and analyse their system activity. Incoming and outgoing call costs, trends, usage patterns, and detailed customer experience information is all readily available. There’s never been an easier way to pinpoint bottlenecks in the system or frustrations your customers may face.

Browsers and Operating Systems

TMS can be used on any web browser but is optimised for Google Chrome; we do not recommend using Microsoft Edge. Specific desktop applications such as a softphone and a recording downloading application have been developed, but are available for Microsoft Windows only at this time. Mobile applications for both IOS and Android are available in the respective app stores.

General System Information

TMS Account Types

Before delving into the  TMS, it is important to understand the different user account types that are available. TMS has three predefined user account types available to end-users:

PBX Admin (Super User)

The PBX Administrator is the topmost level and has full administrator privileges. By default,  this is the first TMS account created within an organisation. 

The PBX admin assigns roles to others within an organisation. Typically, only one person in a company holds this login account type. 


A manager login is a configurable user account type and can receive any combination of access from the available features and pages available in the TMS, i.e. A manager can create, manage and control functionality within TMS, much like a PBX Admin or only certain selected pages as desired. A Manager login can be given distribution of (or visibility of) selected extensions, campaigns or even queues to restrict their visibility of the associated data of these elements. However, a Manager has access to some non-technical features, such as Automated Reporting and Scoring that a PBX Admin does not.  

Extension User

An extension user can only control their own extension, and view their associated data such as call history and recordings.  The extension type of the associated extension will affect the functionality that this account has access to, for example, an agent extension will include the Agent Workspace whilst an Enterprise extension will have access to a browser phone. More on these features will be covered in later chapters.