Update Date: July 2023

Created By: Marizane Brummer

1. Go to the TMS URL: https://tms.euphoria.co.za/

2. Choose the desired account. (A user needs access to the menu Item in order to complete the below steps) 

3. Option 1: In Bulk

3.1. Click on the Dialing Restrictions menu item.

3.2. Click on the Country Lists sub-menu item.

3.3. Open the desired list Or Add Country List

3.4. Choose the Zone.

3.5. Enable a destination by clicking the checkbox to its left. 

3.6. Click Apply to save the changes. 

4. Option 2: Individually

4.1. Click on the Extension Manager menu item.

4.2. Click on Extensions.

4.3. Select the desired extension.

4.4. Choose the Details tab. 

4.5. Scroll down to Outbound Dialling Restrictions

4.6. Tick the international destinations box. 

4.7. Select Apply to save the changes.

Note: The section above refers to hard limits set by Euphoria on your PBX and can only be changed by a Euphoria technician. The settings should be suitable for most customers, but if you have special requirements and need these changes, please let us know.