Method 1:  Using the *63 feature code.

  1. Use any phone and dial *63, then follow the voice prompts. 
  2. Enter the room number created when asked for it. 

Method 2: Pointing a DID (number) to the conference.

  1. Route a number that is on the PBX to point to the *63 or custom feature code which is linked to the conference.
  • Pointing the number to *63 – The caller would be asked to specify the conference room number.

  • Pointing to the custom feature code linked to the conference room (i.e. 600) – Call will be routed directly into the conference room.

Method 3: Using an IVR to go to the conference.

  • Point the IVR to the conference room.

Dial the feature code directly from the IVR menu.

Method 4: Transferring callers to the conference.

  • Transfer a caller into the conference the same way as transferring a regular extension.