Update Date: May 2023

Created By: Marizane Brummer

1. Go to the TMS URL:  https://tms.euphoria.co.za/

2. Choose the desired account. (A user needs access to the menu Item in order to complete the below steps)  

3. Click on the PBX Manager menu item.

4. Click on the Queues sub-menu item.

5. Click on Create New Queue.

6. Create a queue name, description and decide if the queue is Inbound or outbound. 

(Please do not choose a similar name to your PBX name, this will cause the Queue not to work.)

7. Fill in and decide on all basic details.

  • Entry Conditions. 

  • Position and hold time.

  • Periodic Announcement.

  • Connections and ring strategy.

  • Agent/Member  Settings.

  • Service Level Agreement.

  • Miscellaneous.

  • Dispositions.

8. Click Apply to save all changes.