Update Date: May 2023

Created By: Marizane Brummer

2 Methods

Method 1: Extension Manager

1. Go to the TMS URL:  https://tms.euphoria.co.za/

2. Choose the desired account. (A user needs access to the menu Item in order to complete the below steps)  

3. Click on the Extension Manager menu item.

4. Click on the Extensions sub-menu item.

5. Select the extension that you want to change. (This is done via the search button or opening the group the extension is part of.)

6. Click on the Details tab at the top.

7. Click on the Edit Icon next to the External Caller ID on the right. 

8. Set the Caller ID to Randomise.

9. Click Apply to save the change.

Campaign Manager Method  

1. Click on the Campaign Manager menu item.

2. Click on the Campaigns sub-menu item.

3. Click on Manage on an existing campaign.

4. Click on Edit Campaign.

5. Set the Caller ID to Randomise.

6. Click Update to save the change.