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Hi All,

With the Agent Manager Campaign Dialer not working as it should and no plans to get it to work as it is supposed to, I want to ask everybody out here whom has experience with Euphoria TMS to assist by recommending a programmer that can create a PHP web page which will interact with the TMS and our CMS to allow my call center staff to dial out numbers based on imported campaigns.

I do not want to go the ViciDial or GoProDialer which is out there. The main reason we signed up with Euphoria was because of their application which has this feature as indicated above.

So we are basically looking at the following: (Manual dialer - Click and Dial)

1. Campaign Registration Page (We already have this in our cms)

2. Import option to import thousands of numbers to each campaign

3. Support for custom fields

4. Assign Call Center staff to specific campaigns

5. Campaign Dialer Page - 

5.1 On the top of this page it must indicate the campaign information

5.2 A grid that has the contact number details of the person being contacted

5.2 When an agent clicks on a number in the grid the Euphoria API will connect to the agent account to initiate the outbound call.

5.3 A disposition screen will popup after the call was initiated. On this screen the agent will be able to select one of the following buttons: Answered / Voicemail / No Answer / CallBack.

5.3.1 When an agent selects the No Answer or Voicemail button they will be returned to the original Grid screen. (the popup will close)

5.3.2 When the agent selects the CallBack button, the Date and time for the call back will become visible and will allow the agent to enter the date and time. When the agent save close the popup the CallBack information will be stored within the row from which the call was initiated.

5.3.2 When the agent selects the Answered button, the agent will be redirected to our cms appointment page where they will capture the required data. When the call is completed and the agent closes the form, the agent will be returned to the Campaign Grid where they can continue with call the next user.

5.4 We would require reports to be generated on the following:

5.4.1 CallBacks per agent over a required period

5.4.2 Agent based stats such as: Calls per hour Calls per day Overall performance per day.

If someone out there can assist as per the request above, please give us a call on: 084 213 6480.



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