1. When the admin has successfully registered the organization with Euphoria, the user can log into the Euphoria telephony application with the credentials provided by the admin.

  1. Click on register to proceed with registering the extension. 

  • If the user is using a MacBook, tick “Use WebRTC” before registering.

  • If the user is using a windows computer, click register. A pop-up will ask the user to download External Client. Proceed with downloading and installing the application. Once done, register the extension. (To ensure the browser allows this either enable “Notifications” and “Pop-Ups and Redirects” in the site settings, or contact support)

  1. Make a call: To dial out enter a number and click on the call button or press enter on your keyboard to initiate the call. To answer a call, press the answer button.

  1. Click to Dial: The User can call a number directly from the lead/contact listing by clicking the call icon in front of the number.

  1. In Call Controls: When a call is made or received the caller has the following controls. Dial Pad Button (for DTMF options) , Hold Button, Volume Controller, Conference Button. Transfer Button, Speaker Button. Mute Button and the Hang-up button

  1. Add a Contact/Lead: Click on the “+” icon while on a call to add a contact/lead directly from the cloud phone.

  1. Call Logs: Call logs can be accessed by going to the activities in the top menu. 

  2. Logout: To log out of the telephony application, click on the top bar next to your account.

  • Click on “Unload Account”.