We have created an application to test your Internet Connection.

This will give us insight into the quality of the Adsl exchange you are using over your data line. We will be able to give you an informed opinion of the Adsl exchange and if it will be acceptable for business voice. 

Please note that an ADSL connection can never offer the quality and reliability of a Diginet or Fibre connection.

To install, follow these instructions.

  1. Download the file attached to this article below.
  2. Run the file and click next until complete.
  3. Launch the application.
  4. Click Start on the bottom right.
  5. Let the application run for at least 1hr.
  6. Click stop after an hour
  7. Enter a name and support@euphoria.co.za for the email.

We will receive the file, and we can analyse the data. It will give us a good indication if your area can sustain a good quality VOIP connection.