Number move requests are to be submitted in writing to

An external number move applies in this scenario.

Please follow the steps below for us to process your request. 

  1. Please e-mail the following documentation to 
    1. A copy of the ID related to the current Telephone Providers account. 
    2. A copy of your latest Telephone Provider's Invoice
    3. A Number Move Letter of Authorisation
  2. Step 2 - Please complete the below on your Company Letterhead:


(On Company Letterhead)


I, [Customer Name], hereby permit [Current Provider] -   to move the following number/s to Euphoria Telecom (Pty) Ltd.

I accept that a 30-day notice applies to our current service provider.

The number ranges we want moved are:• <+27*********>

Kind Regards




NB - Notes and Risks associated with Number Porting. Please ensure you read these points below carefully:

Moving of numbers is dependent on participating service providers, and as a result, it can take 5 – 7 working days.

Participating Service Providers will refuse the porting request (and you will lose the number)if: 

  • Your account is in arrears; 

  • You cancel your service or line related to the number being ported before the porting process has been completed.

Once the number move application has been submitted, our number move authorities will revert to us within seven working days to advise if the request was accepted or rejected and will request you to provide an exact time and date for the number move to take place. 

The move will occur at the specified time and date provided, and after that, all calls should route through your Euphoria PBX.