A BRI is simply a line offered by Telkom that gives you two channels instead of one. They are generally packaged with a set of 30 numbers that can be used for marketing purposes or direct dialling to each employee.


Any number that is not ported will result in the infrastructure being cancelled and the remainder of the range being lost and non-recoverable.  E.g. A customer cannot port 25 of its 30 BRI numbers now and request to port the remaining five numbers two weeks later. Upon completing the port request, the customer forgoes these numbers and has no right to them anymore.


If 25 numbers are ported to Euphoria, the block must remain intact if porting to another service provider later, i.e., 25 numbers will need to port away.


If you are under contract term for the BRI, Telkom will not allow you to cancel it. You may port the numbers; however,  you will still have to pay Telkom for the remainder of the contract term.

NB - The costs involved in porting a BRI number differ from those of a standard port, as the port of a BRI number is managed (i.e., a Telkom technician has to come onsite to port the numbers). The cost to port BRI number/s is a block fee of R750.00 excl VAT and an additional R65.00 excl VAT per number.


Individual numbers may be ported from a BRI.