In this scenario, it is most likely that there is a problem with your Smart Call account with Telkom.

Some reasons could be:

1. Overdue account.

2. Telkom has a routing issue, so the calls are not reaching your Cloud PBX. This would need to be resolved by Telkom.

The best way to test this scenario is by dialling the destination number on the Euphoria platform.  If this rings in the normal way, it confirms your Cloud PBX is working as it should.  Following this, dial your 086 number and see if the call manages to route to the destination number on the Euphoria platform. If unsuccessful, the issue lies with Telkom, and the client is to escalate the necessary to them for resolution.  Any Euphoria related issues will be escalated to ECN by the Porting Department.

Migrating your customers to an 087 or Geographical number provided by Euphoria Telecom would simplify the process of receiving calls and reduce your overall telecom costs.