Yes, by means of Virtual Access through ECN.  Tellico, unfortunately, does not offer this.

Virtual Access (VAS) is aimed at organisations that are interested in reducing the costs associated with owning Telkom’s 086 numbers and the infrastructure to host these.  

Calls made to the applicable 086 number will be forwarded to a PRI on the ECN Network then sent to the destination number on the Euphoria platform.  Making use of VAS significantly reduces the costs associated with the forwarding of calls.

For Virtual Access to work, the client will need a Euphoria DID to link the 086 number.  This can be the 087 account number (ECN) or a new DID issued by Euphoria, for which costs will apply.  Alternatively, the target number can be ported from Telkom to Euphoria.  This is the Geographical number linked to the 086 number.

If a client opts to port the target number, VAS can only be activated once the number has been successfully ported to the Euphoria platform.

Clients are to be aware that there will be some downtime due to the implementation of VAS; however, this will be kept to an absolute minimum.

VAS requests are to be submitted in writing to

The client is to supply the following for us to assist:

086 Number in question

Telkom bill with the 086 number displayed. (not older than three months)

VAS authorisation letter.  See the template below for easy reference.  

This information is to be supplied on the client’s company letterhead.


To Whom It May Concern 


I hereby request VAS be activated, as per the numbers below:


SmartAccess Number ->Euphoria Destination Number


Please advise once this has been completed.


 Kind Regards 


Client Name and Signature

The request will be submitted to ECN on receipt of the necessary documentation.  ECN will submit the information to their technical team, who will provide us with an authorisation letter and routing table, which the client is to forward to forE.g. Telkom to update the routing accordingly.

If porting of the target number is necessary, the normal porting process will apply.  Lead time is 7 - 21 days for porting.

Euphoria can offer you an 086 number from the Euphoria Telecom network on request; however, these numbers are often recycled. The process can take up to 2 months; therefore, we do not recommend this.