This is for customers who cannot port their number and would like to forward their number to another DID.

The Telkom Account Holder must do the following:


  1. Send the below letter on your company letterhead to Telkom

    To: Telkom Pty (Ltd)              
    (Insert Date)
    (Insert Account Number)

    To Whom It May Concern

    I (Insert Director’s name and designation) hereby request that the forward call facility be activated on the following Telkom analogue line (Insert Number). 

    Kind Regards,


    (Insert Directors Name)
    (Insert Designation)

    (Insert contact number)
  2. Once Telkom confirms that the forward call feature is active, do the following:
    1. Pick up your Telkom handset
    2. Dial *21*[The Number Euphoria has allocated to you]
    3. An automated voice will confirm that call forwarding is active. 
      Note: To cancel call forwarding, dial *21# and listen to the voice prompts.

  1. Important things to remember:
  2. The process has to be completed on a Customers Telkom phone
  3. Number from Telkom needs to point to a Geographical Euphoria number - No 087 numbers
  4. Ensure Call Diverting/Forwarding is activated on the Telkom account. Call Telkom Business on 10217 to confirm this.