1. Search the network for the device by using an application like an Advanced IP scanner. If you manage your own network, you should pick up the device on your DHCP server.
  2. Go to the  Browsers URL  login screen - By default, the login password should be “admin”.
  3. Click on “FXS port 1”.
  4. Get the SIP Credentials
  5. Set up the extension/device (Only fill in where specified.)
  6. Set up the SIP account.
  7. Set up the DTMF.
    1. Look for the “Preferred DTMF Method” and enter the values as specified.
  8. Set the Audio codec.
    1. Click on “Preferred Vocode” and set it to G729. 
    2. Click on “Apply” to save the changes and then on “Update”.
  9. Configure the time server.
    1. Click on the basic settings tab. Then time settings. 
    2. Configure the date and time settings to ntp1.euphoria.co.za.
  10. Configure the network -  By default, the IP setup on the device is set to DHCP
    1. If needed, change the network under the “Basic settings” tab.