Register an extension to a Gigaset device via the Web Interface of the Gigaset IP Phone.

  1. Log into the handset - Openithe Gigaset  Browser and insert the IP Address. (By default, the phone is set on DHCP, to get the IP address, you would need to press the button on the base station once, and it should page/ring the phone with the IP address. The pin by default should be “0000“)
  2. Navigate to “Settings”.
  3. Get the SIP Credentials
  4. Set the SIP credentials.
    1. Click on the telephony option.
    2. Click on the registrations/extensions section. 
    3. Navigate to the SIP details, then to  “IP1“, and click on the edit button.
    4. Enter the SIP credentials.
  5. Click on the “Show advanced settings” button.
  6. Fill in the necessary fields (What are these fields?)
  7. Save all information by clicking “Set” at the bottom.
  8. Set the audio codec. (Selected the G729 audio codec.)
    1. Click on “Audio” and show “advanced settings”.
    2. Set any other extensions with the same Audio codec.
    3. Click on “Set” to save the changes.
  9. Setup the mailbox.
    1. Click “Network Mailboxes” and fill in the fields
  10. If network changes need to be made (static or DHCP), do so by clicking on Network, then IP configuration.